Hi I'm Jade,

I am married to Marty and a proud mother of  5 children, ages ranging from 31 to 7 years.  

I currently work as a Doula & Hypnobirthing Practitioner in both London & Cheshire. My training as a Doula in 2017 was with The Birth Bliss Academy London, under the guidance of Kicki Hansard (Doula of the Year 2009 & Award-winning Author of The Secrets of Birth). 

My Hypnobirthing Practioner Training was with Dani Diosi DipHe, DypHyp LHS of Mama Serene. Dani is a Hypnotherapist & International Hypnosis for Birth Trainer & trained with Maggie Howell, Founder of Natal Hypnotherapy.

I have 10 years of experience lovingly supporting families through pregnancy and childbirth, those with newborns and young children, first as a certified NNEB Nanny and a Maternity Nanny, then as a Registered Childminder throughout the 90's & later as a Home-Start Family Support Worker, in London in 2010. These were such rewarding roles, fitted around my own growing family & taught me many key skills. It is always a privilege to work so closely with families & make a positive difference. 

Back when my first son was a year old, I qualified as a Breastfeeding Counsellor with the NCT in 1990, my Breastfeeding Support experience spans 29 years, including regularly updating my knowledge and skills with further training during this time.

I provided mothers with essential breastfeeding support & evidence-based information in NHS and Private London hospitals and within my professional roles working with families.

When pregnant with my 4th baby in 2010, at the grand old age of 41! I offered voluntary support at Hillingdon’s local children’s centers and in the community as a Breastfeeding Peer Supporter alongside Health Professionals

But most importantly for all the mothers I supported over many years, I was someone who listened, gave reassurance, understood & cared how they were feeling.

Fulham Palace

March 1989

Fulham palace

on my due date with my

Eldest son STEFAN

2nd daughter, 3 weeks until due date at

AUG 2013

Our last dinner date 3 weeks

before our youngest, 

charlotte was born


City of London Lawyer to Doula

In between my paid & voluntary roles, having my 3rd baby in 1995 & my 4th in 2011, I had a complete change of career & trained as a Legal Executive, with the Institute of Legal Executives, working part-time in local firms. Whilst completing a Law Degree I went on to work in the City of London for 9 years. Working with high profile clients & complex cases was challenging but exhilarating.

Continuing to be involved in Breastfeeding Support during these years, gave me a valuable insight into how a negative Birth experience impacts on Breastfeeding success & new mothers overall mental & physical wellbeing. This sparked a passion to want to provide other women with the positive start to motherhood they deserve. 

Although I loved my job & I was proud of what I had achieved in my Legal Career whilst being a single mum of 3, still, something was missing. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.


It wasn’t until the first time a friend called me to support her through a complicated labour and birth, that I realised what I actually should be doing with my life; a Doula’s role, mothering the mother, it felt like coming home.

 Jade Lawrence


      " I do not care what type of Birth you have... a home birth, a scheduled caesarean or

if you birth alone in the woods next to a baby deer.

I care that you had options, that you were supported in your choices,

and that you were respected "

 - January Harshe

My Philosophy

Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Postnatal period are significant life events with enormous potential to have a positive or negative impact on the mother’s well-being, and by extension, her child(ren) & family. 

Woman centered care, compassionate caring support for positive childbearing & postnatal experiences is regularly compromised. 

Having somebody there by your side who not only knows you & cares about you & your baby but also has in-depth knowledge of Birth, Maternity Services, & Hospital Policies will make a huge difference to your experience.

I aim to fill the gap which traditionally always existed in families, experienced, wise & loving support for new parents. Which is now compounded by our often understaffed & underfunded NHS maternity services.  I endeavor to provide my clients with the combination of information and compassionate support that should be available to all expecting parents, giving them the start to parenthood they deserve.

I approach pregnancy and childbirth as normal physiological functions that in low-risk women can remain normal and healthy with minimal intervention and proper support.  Because birth and parenting are intensely personal, meaningful rites of passage, I believe my clients are at all times capable of making, and best positioned to make, the decisions that are right for them and their babies.

Newborn baby in the arms of his mother.j

For younger children - 

Whether it concerns, feeding, sleeping, attachment. teething or something else, children develop quickly & their needs are constantly changing, to help them through each transition & create a happy & confident child


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If you have teenagers- 

Get a dog

Then at least someone

will be pleased to see you when you get home!

I also acknowledge and support the women and babies who require or desire medical intervention, or who face challenges & believe growing, having & mothering a baby requires great strength, beauty & sacrifice, no matter the path or outcome.

I feel strongly all women deserve to feel cared for, respected & have their voice heard throughout pregnancy, and birth. I’ve seen first hand the huge positive difference it makes to their experience and it is what I’ve always cared deeply about.

Working with expectant parents, & young families is my true calling. My specialty areas have grown organically from my experience of working with families & my deep desire to see parents receive a full spectrum of support.

And of course birthing, breastfeeding & raising my own 5 children, definitely adds to what I can bring to you as your Doula. I understand completely, the joy & challenges a new baby brings. I am well-practiced in the care & behaviour of newborns & how you will be feeling postnatally. I want to ease your transition into motherhood with warmth & kindness, sharing with you the secrets of birth & all the lessons I have learned.

I believe every mother deserves the best start to motherhood, all my clients will tell you that I happily go above & beyond for each and every one.


We are the only species of mammal that doubts our ability

to give birth, think about that ....

Ina May Gaskin

It seems that many health professionals involved in antenatal care have not

realized that one of their role should be to protect the

emotional state of pregnant women

Michel Odent

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Doula UK Approved Doula Course
The course covered in depth study of Childbirth, Breastfeeding Support & Parenting Education. Emotional & Practical Support, How to prepare Parents for Labour Birth & the Postnatal Period alongside 
Maternity Services Information
Knowledge was combined with hands-on skills of supporting families before, during and after childbirth.
Practical knowledge on setting up & running your Doula Business
* I hold a current DBS &
I am insured with Morton Michel
Mama Serene  - Dani Diosi DipHe, DypHyp LHS
Hypnobirthing Practioner Training Course 2019
Independent Hypnobirthing Practitioner Training teaching how to create confidence in clients to enjoy their pregnancy, look forward to the birth and feel the experience has been a positive one however their babies are born.
The Course included extensive study of Hypnobirthing, how it works & how to use effective & practical techniques o ensure clients feel calm relaxed & in control throughout Labour & Birth
Practical knowledge of how to set up & run your Hypnobirthing Courses & Business
* I am insured with Holistc Health






Nantwich Cheshire