As a qualified Childbirth Professional, Hypnobirthing Practitioner & Maternity Nurse 

 I fill a role that new mothers and families have always needed & traditionally always existed; experienced, skilled practical & compassionate support to help navigate the transition into parenthood. I work in London & Cheshire empowering

 families with education & loving guidance for an

 informed & joyful parenting journey.

I am here for you,  if you are a first time parent looking for dedicated, guidance & assistance for pregnancy, birth & life with your new baby. Or if you are already a parent and want to have a more positive Birth & Postnatal experience this time around. I can give you the right information, preparation, emotional & practical support.

you can have the start to motherhood you deserve.



​My role as a Doula is mothering the mother, it is at the heart of all I do. My focus is to prepare you thoroughly for whatever birth your 

body & your baby needs & supply you with the tools to achieve

 positive safe Labour & Birth experience.

As a doula, I trust that the overwhelming majority of women in

my care will be able to achieve this.

Some women have complex needs in pregnancy & some of those women a caesarean or assisted birth may become a necessity.   I work in collaboration with Health Professionals

 helping parents to navigate the maternity care system & are aware of all their options. I help to ensure mothers receive optimum care & have their preferences respected without undermining medical advice or guidance.


 I pass on accurate facts from evidence based knowledge so you can make informed choices that are not based on misconception,

hearsay, outdated information or out of fear. 

I aim to instill confidence with my Antenatal Education & Hynobirthing techniques, fully supporting your decisions, so you feelcalm, relaxed & looking forward to the birth. 

Birth Preparation, learning about Birth physiology: How Birth works; combined with the most effective Hypnobirthing

 techniques will make you feel more in control of your choices &

having a straightforward birth more likely.

During Labour & Birth, I am a constant reassuring presence, on hand for practical & emotional support, creating a Birth environment to ensure you feel safe & comfortable. I can make suggestions for breathing techniques & comfort measures as well as help you deal with anything that may be unexpected or unfamiliar. I ensure your wishes & feelings are made a priority explaining any medical recommendations.

As a mother of 5, an experienced NNEB Nanny & Maternity Nurse,

I understand how having a baby is both is a joyful, challenging & a life changing experience. I pass on essential skills as you adjust to having a new family member by nurturing the mother, caring supporting & empowering the whole family. Taking care of your family's individual needs, giving you the space to enjoy your new baby.




Nantwich Cheshire