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As ​your

Birth ​

                    my role is to put you at the centre of all I do.


My Complete Birth Doula Service will fully prepare you for Labour & Birth & help to equip you for the adjustment to life with a new baby.

My compassionate care & commitment to you begins in pregnancy, continues throughout the 

duration of your Labour & Birth, then extends until your baby is 8 weeks old.

My focus is to help you to have a relaxed pregnancy, a positive, safe birth experience without fear & a calm, relaxed supportive postnatal period.

Research tells us that over 90% of women having a healthy pregnancy are able to have an uncomplicated Birth without needing any medical intervention & having continued physical & emotional support in labour from a Doula makes birth safer and healthier for mother and baby.

Some women have complex needs in pregnancy, and for some women a caesarean or assisted birth may become a medical necessity. 


I ease any concerns by working in collaboration with Health Professionals ensuring mothers receive optimum care & have their preferences respected without undermining medical advice or guidance.

Whether you have a straightforward physiological Labour & Birth or a highly medicalised one, with the right information, preparation & support you can have a positive & deeply satisfying Birth experience.

I do not judge or critisise your choices on how you prefer to labour birth or parent. I offer evidence based & impartial information & fully support your decisions.​

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Mother and Father holding their new born


Can Include :

Birth ​Service

Before the birth:

Unlimited 24/7 Email & Phone Support
From booking & up to 8 weeks after
your baby is born
2 x 2 Hour Private Antenatal Sessions
Complete Birth Preparation in the
comfort of your own home
Complete Hypnobirthing Programme
From The Hypnobirthing Company
Complete Birth &  Information Pack
Step by step guides, Checklists &
Information that supports your 
Birth & Feeding Preference Plans 
A Pack of Positive Birth Plan Cards
 A Copy of the Positive Birth Book
A Personalised Birth Preference Plan
 50% Discount Voucher for a

Maternity Photo Shoot

10 Antenatal Yoga Classes

I am on call 10 days before your Due Date

Until your baby is born       

During the birth:

Birth Pool & Tens Machine Loan

Free to my Birth Clients

Early Labour Support & Guidance

By Phone or in-person

Continuous Support & Guidance

from Active Labour 

Until after your baby is born

Help to create a nurturing 

Birth environment

In Hosptial or at Home

Practical Support & guidance

for your Partner

Support communicating your wishes 

to Hospital Staff

​Encouragement with Hypnobirthing

Relaxations, Visualisations & 

Breathing Techniques

Ensure you feel safe, listened to

& cared for throughout


After the birth:

1 Postnatal Visit

Within the first week after the Birth

Providing any practical or emotional support you might need
We can have a chat about your Labour & Birth & how you felt it went for you
Answer questions on your recovery Give guidance & assistance with Newborn Care, Seep & Behaviour
 Take care of your baby while you nap, take a shower or bath
Breastfeeding Support & Information
Including a consultation with an IBCLC Lactation Consultant if necessary
Signpost you for additional support from NHS & Private Health Professionals
Give recommendations for :
Local Breastfeeding Support Groups, Baby sling consultants, Baby groups
& Classes

I am prepared for whatever birth, my body & my baby needs...

Birth &Postnatal Preparation

Antenatal Sessions

From 26 Weeks of Pregnancy we can arrange one to one Antenatal Sessions. Guided by you & the information you need to help ensure you feel informed & fully prepared for Labour & Birth.

Gaining Birth Preparation knowledge from our sessions learning about how Birth actually works, will instill confidence in you to achieve a satisfying Birth experience & will make a straightforward physiological Birth more likely.

During these 2, 2 hour Sessions we will discuss such things as, previous births, maternity services,  the role of hormones in labour & birth. Caesarean, induction & assisted birth if this is applicable to you.

What your partner's role is likely to be, self help methods, comfort measures & pain management options. We will look at how to avoid interventions for a physiological birth, the importance of your birth environment, how to get your baby into an optimal position for birth & the best way to release any anxiety, tension or fear.

I can show you, Hypnobirthing breathing, relaxation & massage  techniques for Labour & how best to create a supportive birth room to encourage straightforward Labour & Birth, a planned 'Gentle' Caesarean (1)  Video (2) or a calm, relaxed Induction, if either become necessary. 


We can formulate a Birth Preference Plan, covering

all your hopes, wishes, requirements & covering all 

eventualities using The Positive Birth Book Visual Birth Plan Cards.


I provide a Complete Birth Pack which includes essential information, step by step guides, a copy of The Positive Birth Book & Affirmation Cards.

We will discuss a Feeding Support Plan, supporting how you want to feed your baby, including overcoming any issues & alongside information & guidance on Antenatal expression, storing & administration of Colostrum if required.

We also discuss the Postnatal period, normal newborn behaviour, The 4th Trimester, Baby Sleep Patterns, all aspects of feeding, newborn care, & what to expect for you & your baby in the postnatal period.

It is also an opportunity to get to know me, I can answer any questions & address any concerns you may have. By the time you go into labour I want you to have confidence in your birth, feeding & postnatal plans, feel you have the ability & strength to cope with whatever birth experience you & your baby need.

I will be by your side supporting you & your

partner every step of the way.

Soft jaw, soft hands, breathe...



I can suggest light massage techniques with soothing

 aromatherapy oils.  I can help you understand any

procedures & medical interventions, guide you through anything unexpected that may become necessary & assist in communicating with health professionals. 

I do not offer medical advice or have clinical skills. Your medical care is overseen by your health providers & with this taken care of it allows me to wholly concentrate on you & how you are feeling at that moment.

I am on hand for practical assistance such as making sure you have everything you need, I can organise food & drinks & help you with personal care. I act as a birth companion & supporter for your partner, helping them to care for you, giving them the confidence to be your advocate.

I'm also on hand for any practical help they might need. I stay with you throughout until after your baby is born, assist with baby's first feed & make sure you are settled at home or in hospital.


I am 'On call' for you from 10 days before your due date until your baby is born. During Labour & Birth, I aim to create a nurturing environment in which I will help & support you with your physical & emotional needs.

Whether you are having a hospital or home birth, I can support you before you go to the hospital or before your midwife arrives. At the hospital in preparation for your  cesarean or induction to ensure you feel safe, relaxed & comfortable.

I provide you with continuous emotional, physical and informative support from active Labour & Birth. I want you to feel safe & cared for throughout, having the birth experience that feels right for you & your baby. 

I 'Talk' you through labour with guidance, suggestions & reassurance. I can recommend the best positions to ease contractions, to help reduce the length of labour & encourage optimal positioning for your baby. I can support you with self help methods, pain management options. provide encouragement with Hypnobirthing

 relaxations, visualisations & breathing techniques. 

Labour & Birth Support

New mothers need as much attention as a newborn,

because they too have just been born...

Support Visit

Included in my Birth Doula Service is unlimited 24/7 email & phone support for up to 8 weeks after your baby is born & Post Birth Visit

I am here for you for any practical or emotional postnatal support you might need. We can have a chat about your Labour & Birth & how you felt it went for you.   You may have questions on your recovery or need guidance & assistance with Newborn Care. I provide Information & Support with biologically normal Newborn Sleep & Behaviour. 


I can give Breastfeeding Support & Information, check that feeding is established & manageable & if required troubleshoot common issues.

I can Signpost you for additional support to your local Health NHS Professionals if needed. Recommend local Breastfeeding Support Groups, Lactation Consultants, Tongue-tie specialists, Emotional health providers, Baby sling consultants, Baby groups & Classes.

I will make sure everyone is adjusting positively & check your recovery is going well.  I can take care of your baby while you nap, take a shower or bath or accompany you on first outings with your baby to appointments or to baby clinic/groups. It is also an opportunity for me to adore your beautiful baby.

We can arrange further visits if required & overnight support if needed. For more details please view my  Postnatal Services


Below is a selection of my recommended reading list of Birth Books, there are more!

So if there is something in particular you were interested in, I'm sure I have the best book for that.Clients can borrow any of these books from me for free or alternatively you can buy your own copy by clicking on the book which links to Amazon.



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