Are you looking for Breastfeeding 

Support & Information from a qualified & experienced Breastfeeding Specialist available 24 hrs a day?

You may just want some reassurance on what is normal, have your latch checked, want to know what you should do if you have sore nipples, or experiencing pain.

I can provide information on:

  • How to know if your baby is getting enough milk

  • Baby weight loss

  • Expressing colostrum antenatally &

       after your baby is born

  • Expressing your milk via a pump or by hand, 

  • Fussy baby

  • Colic

  • Milk allergy

  • Tongue-tie,

  • Where to find your nearest:

   -  IBCLC &

   - Tongue-tie, specialist



I can work in collaboration with your NHS Health Professionals,Local Breastfeeding Support Group, or IBCLC to ensure you are receiving optimum support & the right information.

I also provide Antenatal Breastfeeding Education Sessions, Face to face Breastfeeding support in your own home for Latch related issues.

 I can also offer support  via telephone

or Video Call with:

  • General breastfeeding queries,

  • Establishing breastfeeding

  • Baby behaviour & sleep patterns 

  • Expressing

  • Weaning on to solids

  • Sustaining breastfeeding when 

       returning to work

  • Gentle solutions for weaning older babies & children from the breast. 





As your Postnatal Doula, I can support you with one to one Breastfeeding support

 in the privacy & comfort of 

your own home.

I can be available to you directly after your baby is born, whether at home or in hospital for initiation of Breastfeeding.

I provide guidance & support to ensure breastfeeding is going well & is manageable.

Alternatively, I can access free support for you in the hospital by contacting the Infant Feeding Lead or a Peer Supporter

to assist you.

Whether I support you, directly after the birth, in the first few days or weeks, I  listen & gently guide you to achieve your breastfeeding goals.  


My one to one service can help with positioning & attachment as well as troubleshoot common issues to get you off to the best start. 

I provide evidence-based information on common concerns such as milk supply & how you can tell if your baby is getting enough milk. 


Breastfeeding support in the first few days is vital to establishing 

sustaining breastfeeding.


I can give information & support with:

  • Mixed Feeding,

  • Exclusive Pumping 

  • Formula Feeding.

       Paced & Responsive feeding

       techniques with bottles & how to                    safely prepare & store Formula.

Alongside qualified, experienced 

evidence-based support & information, Breastfeeding is more likely to be 

successful when a new mother is

supported by those closest to her. 

I can help:

  • You, your partner & family

       understand how breastfeeding works

  • What is normal newborn behaviour 

  • Where to get specialised help.

Help build your network of free support

  • That can provide face to face local breastfeeding support

  •  Local Baby meet up groups

  • Recommended Breastfeeding Support Facebook Groups

  •  National charitable organisations that can support you via phone or online

You can book my stand-alone Breastfeeding Support Service or inclusive with my Postnatal Doula Service.


Breastfeeding Support Packages 

One to One Breastfeeding Support Sessions


Telephone/Video Call Support


• Up to 45 mins •  Pre arrange a time •

• Book up to 24hrs in advance• 

+ Referral to IBCLC if required




 Full Feeding Assessment

in your won home

With IBCLC'S (Lactation Consultant's) 

From Nutrition & Nurture

Consultation - Up To 2HRS

+ Follow up



It is so important that the Breastfeeding Support

you receive is given by a qualified & experienced

Breastfeeding specialist

who not only undertakes regular continued & updated training but is also connected

to a network of other Breastfeeding

specialists & regularly involved in a community

of supporting breastfeeding mothers.

Unfortunately not all GP's Paediatricians or Midwives have specific training in Lactation & Breastfeeding support, meaning new mothers are given a lot of conflicting & outdated information.

To make sure you are receiving the right support, you can find out who the different

types of Breastfeeding Specialists are here

I have given details of my training & many years of experience below & compared to the above link

you can see that I have undertaken 3 of the 4 specialist roles, National Childbirth Trust (NCT) 

Peer Supporter, NHS Unicef Trained Peer Supporter & NCT Breastfeeding Counsellor. (BFC).

I am currently working towards the 4th (IBCLC). This is the gold standard in Breastfeeding Support & Training & includes specialist extensive training

& strict criteria to sit the exam.

It means once qualified an IBCLC is already

highly experienced in supporting mothers with

 complex problems such as tongue-tie

 as well as common issues.  

You can read more about IBCLC's here.


My Breastfeeding support experience spans 29 years, first as an NCT Peer Supporter then as an NCT BFC both at Central London NHS & Private Maternity Hospitals. 


 I have also supported mothers in my roles as a Private Nanny & Maternity Nurse, a Registered 

Childminder & as an NHS Peer Support volunteer in Children Centre's & in my local community.​

Alongside my BFC training, I've regularly updated my BFC knowledge with further training from the NCT & continued professional development within

 the NHS. ​My Doula Training Course also included an in-depth Breastfeeding Support Module.

I am insured & to ensure I am always giving quality support I work alongside (IBCLC) Lactation Consultants & diligently use credible sources for the latest up to date evidence-based

 Breastfeeding information. I regularly attend Breastfeeding Seminars, Conferences Study

Days for Continued Professional Development.​

I always follow UNICEF,  World Health OrganisationNational Institute for Health Care & Excellence guidelines, The Baby-Friendly

 Initiative  & Doula UK Policies. 

Doula UK Approved Doula Course
The course covered in-depth study of Childbirth, Breastfeeding Support & Parenting Education. Emotional & Practical
Support, How to prepare Parents for Labour Birth & the Postnatal Period alongside Maternity Services Information
Knowledge was combined with hands-on skills of supporting families before, during & after childbirth.
Practical knowledge on setting up
& running your Doula Business
* I hold a current DBS &
I am insured with Morton Michel
NCT Continued Professional Training
1992 - 1998
NCT Breastfeeding Counsellor
Training Updates
Regular Continued Professional Training updates for NCT Breastfeeding Counselling
 Information & skills 
Hillingdon Hospital NHS Trust 2010
Unicef Breastfeeding
Peer Support Training 
3 Day Course to update my skills & enable me to give
Breastfeeding support at Local Children's Centres
& in the Community
National Childbirth Trust London 1990
12 Week Course training to support new mothers with basic Breastfeeding issues under supervision. Referring complex issues to a specialist.
A Mother breastfeeding her little baby b
National Childbirth Trust London 1990 - 91
1 Year Course of in-depth study & training to support new mothers with common breastfeeding problems. 
Consulting & referring to further professional information as needed. Supervision & Regular 
Continued Professional
Training updating Information
& skills within NCT


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