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My Cheshire Doula Team

I work closely with other Cheshire Doula's as part of a team, who cover similar

&/or other locations & maternity units in Cheshire.

Working together as a team means I can offer you 'Shared Care' with another Doula,

 I always have a Backup & each of us brings our own specialisms. If you choose shared care

 you will get to know each of us & at least one or both of us will always be

 available to you from bump to birth & beyond. 

Having a close connection with the best Doula's in Cheshire also means that

if you contact me & I am not available for your dates, I can recommend &

introduce you to an excellent Doula who I will ensure will fit your needs.

We can also accommodate Short notice or Same day Doula inquiries &

we all offer a Free Consultation.

Feel free to call me for a chat to discuss your requirements.

My London Doula & Hypnobirthing Services

My services also cover London, for both my

London & Cheshire Clients.

For Cheshire Clients wanting to have their baby in a London Hospital such as The Portland, you get the best of both worlds.

A Doula based in Cheshire who will take care of you in Pregnancy & after your baby

is born from your Cheshire home & who is also available for Birth support

in your chosen London. hospital  


If this is something you are interested in please go to my London website: or call me for a chat to discuss your requirements.


Get in touch & lets have a chat



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