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Postnatal Doula

I have chosen the services I offer from my years of experience of working with families &

what new parents have told me what they really need.

You can select as little or as much support as you want from any of my services, or my all-inclusive packages.

Current Doula fees reflect that I am a Mentored Doula & can offer them to you at a discount for a limited

period of time whilst I am working towards becoming a Recognised Doula with Doula UK.

My fee also takes into consideration my years of professional experience & qualifications, 

in working with many families over the years.

5% of my Fee goes towards a fund I have set up for women who cannot afford to have a Doula,  which will

enable them to access my services for free & only my out of pocket expenses are covered.

Please contact me for details on Fees, I am always happy to answer any questions & to help you

select the best service to fit your needs & requirements


Postnatal Support Visits   


Postnatal Visits are adapted to your needs, but can include:

Help with your postnatal recovery,

taking care of you emotionally,

physically & practically,

 Giving you the space to talk about how

you are feeling & 'debrief'

your birth experience.


Time to recuperate by taking care of

your home, assisting with your baby's

needs & help with older siblings,

ensuring you feel well cared for &


Help with your Newborn, 

offering information, guidance &

assistance with your Newborn's

routine care, including, bathing 

sleeping patterns, soothing techniques, Infant feeding support development& behaviour. 


Looking after baby while you catch

up on sleep, have bath/shower.

  Accompany you on first outings with

baby e.g. appointments,

baby clinic/groups​.

Community Support, 

Signposting to Health Professional Support & Services. local & online

Baby groups & classes​​


24/7 Telephone & Video

call support for between visits​​​​



Initial Booking  

2 Weeks Fees in advance

50% of which is the Deposit securing the Booking &

50% 1st Weeks Fees

Days & Fees

are then booked & paid for 1 week in advance

A minimum

of 3 hours booking a day

Fees are charged

at an hourly rate depending

on location.

FROM  £18.00  PER HR



One to One Breastfeeding Support Sessions


Telephone/Video Call Support


• Up to 45 mins •  Pre arrange a time •

• Book up to 24hrs in advance• 

+ Referral to IBCLC if required




 Full Feeding Assessment

in your won home

With IBCLC'S (Lactation Consultant's) 

From Nutrition & Nurture

Consultation - Up To 2HRS

+ Follow up




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• Sleep Support • 

No need to worry about getting enough sleep

in the early days & weeks.

  • I can take over care of your newborn between feeds so you can rest knowing your baby is well taken care of.

  • Breastfeeding guidance & support​

  • Pumping support

  • Help with setting up a safe sleep space

  • Keeping a record of baby's night

  • From 10.00 pm to 7.00 am

FROM  £18.00  PER HR

Declutter  Clean & Organise


I start with a free consultation & assessment to discuss your requirements &

how I can help you.

  • Step 1:  A 3 Hour Session to assist you in Decluttering 

  • Step 2:  Home Prep Plan - A  bespoke plan to clean your home one room at a time to get ready for the next step

  • Step 3:  Storage Solutions - A Storage plan adapted to your needs with suggestions for  suitable storage solutions

  • Step 4:  A 3-hour session to help you organise your space & items to put your storage solutions into action.​

  • Step 5:  A  bespoke short & efficient daily Housework Routine to your keep easily home clean & organised.​

  • Step 6:  Information on Essentials & Equipment for your Labour Bag/Box & your home.

FROM  £25.00  PER HR


Get in touch & lets have a chat