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Get your Home 
Baby ready!

As an optional extra, I offer a Home Organisation Service.

  I will help you get your home ready for your baby's arrival & show you how you can easily keep it clean & tidy, even when all your time is taken up a caring for your little one.

It makes sense to plan, prepare & organise in advance as

Housework & organising your home is not going to be high on your list of your priorities once your baby is born.

To have your home organised, healthy meals batched cooked & frozen & a simple housework plan in place will make such a positive difference in the postnatal period & beyond.  You can then concentrate on your baby & your recovery.

I will help you organise & declutter your space, create storage solutions, clean & tidy your home.  It includes implementing a quick & simple daily housekeeping method which is especially designed for families with young children & for those with very little time to spend on house hold chores. 

The method is very easy to follow & I provide a bespoke plan with all the details so anyone helping you around the home can easily carry it out. 

We can also discuss what to pack in your Labour Bag or Birth box  list of recommendations & where to buy for Essential baby equipment with suggestions for what may be useful for yourself & your baby in the first few weeks. If applicable, I can also share ideas & ways to help your older child adjust to a new sibling. 

Home Organisation

  • Do you have a new baby or are a busy family  struggling to keep on top of the Housework?

  • Cant find things easily in a hurry?

  • Overwhelmed by the clutter?

  • Want to be more organised?

  • Stuck in a rut & don't know where to start?

  • I can help you clear the clutter, create organised storage systems, creating more space in your home

  • Implement efficient Housekeeping systems everyone your family can follow, so you can spend free time having fun with your family instead of cleaning.

  • Show you Home hacks & tips

  • Mess free equals stress free!

Step 1:  A 3 Hour Session to assist you in Decluttering 

Step 2:  Home Prep Plan - I provide you with a bespoke plan to clean your home one room at a time to get ready for the next step

Step 3:  Storage Solutions - I provide you with a Storage plan adapted to your needs with suggestions for suitable storage solutions

Step 4:  A 3 hour session to help you organise your space & items to put your storage solutions into action.​

Step 5:  I create a bespoke short & efficient Housework Routine for you to be able to your keep easily home clean & organised.​

Step 6:  I provide you with information on Essentials & Equipment for your Labour Bag/Box & your home.

I start with a Free Consultation & Assessment to discuss your requirements & how I can help you. 

FROM  £25.00  PER HR

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