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The Postnatal period with a new baby is a wonderful time, it can feel joyful & exciting but can also be exhausting, overwhelming, emotional & full of questions. 

                                                         this is where I come in, with plenty of postnatal & newborn support experience. I aim to create a non judgmental calm presence in your home. My  focus   is giving you dedicated, professional, compassionate care for the physical, emotional & practical recovery after birth, available to you day or night.

I take care of you & your family, guide you in caring for your precious baby, so you can focus on the important things like resting, recovering from birth, bonding with your baby, easing your transition  into becoming new parents.  I want you to feel confident & comfortable in your abilities as a parent, to trust your instincts & recognise only you are your baby's expert.  

I have the insight to address your concerns, answer your questions & lighten the load as you begin your journey into motherhood.

I provide up to date information on  THE 4TH TRIMESTERnormal 

newborn behaviour, sleep, feeding & expectations. I can show you how to change your day to get more sleep,I can gently assist you & your partner through the highs and lows with patience, warmth, humor, and understanding.

This moment in time looks different for each family, so I make sure to discuss with you in advance how best I can help you.

We’ll talk about how you want your life to look with your new baby and then work out how to make that a reality.

Because your needs will be changing daily, my  Postnatal Doula Package  is easily adapted to fit your requirements. At the start of each visit, I will go over what your needs are for the day & how I can make your day happy. You might want to catch up on sleep, take a bath or shower, while I take care of your baby, & older sibling, prepare snacks & meals, or take care of the laundry, household chores & organise your home.

You might like support with breastfeeding, or assistance with bathing your baby, help getting out of the house, or simply someone to listen on a difficult day.

My commitment to you begins after birth and continues for as long as you need. Daytime hours are typically booked in 3-hour shifts. Overnight support is usually from 9-10 pm & up to 8 hours. 

If you would like to take advantage of my inclusive Home Organisation Service you can find out more details here.

All my Postnatal Services apply to new parents or not so new parents who could just do with a good nights sleep, a helping hand, guidance & assistance with their little one or help to have a more organised home. 



Help with your postnatal recovery,

taking care of you emotionally,

physically & practically,

 Giving you the space to talk about how

you are feeling & 'debrief'

your birth experience.


Time to recuperate by taking care of

your home, assisting with your baby's

needs & help with older siblings,

ensuring you feel well cared for &


Help with your Newborn, 

offering information, guidance &

assistance with your Newborn's

routine care, including, bathing 

sleeping patterns, soothing techniques, Infant feeding support development​& behaviour. 


Looking after baby while you catch

up on sleep, have a bath/shower.

  Accompany you on first outings with

baby e.g. appointments,

baby clinic/groups​.

Community Support, 

Signposting to Health Professional Support & Services. local & online

Baby groups & classes​​


24/7 Telephone & Video

call support for between visits​​​​



Initial Booking  

2 Weeks Fees in advance

50% of which is the Deposit securing the Booking &

50% 1st Weeks Fees

Days & Fees

are then booked & paid for 1 week in advance

A minimum

of 3 hours booking a day

Fees are charged

at an hourly rate depending

on location.

FROM  £18.00  PER HR


One to One Breastfeeding Support Sessions


Telephone/Video Call Support


• Up to 45 mins •  Pre arrange a time •

• Book up to 24hrs in advance• 

+ Referral to IBCLC if required



 Full Feeding Assessment

in your won home

With IBCLC'S (Lactation Consultant's) 

From Nutrition & Nurture

Consultation - Up To 2HRS

+ Follow up



Nightingale Service

No need to worry about getting enough

sleep in the early days & weeks.

  • I can take over care of your newborn between feeds so you can rest knowing your baby is well taken care of.

  • Breastfeeding guidance & support​

  • Pumping support

  • Help with setting up safe sleep space

  • Keeping a record of baby's night

  • From 10.00 pm to 7am​​

FROM  £18.00  PER HR

Sleep Support Consultation 

for Older Babies

I provide  Email, Telephone , Video call & Face to Face Consultations

with issues concerning Sleep

Even though it is biologically normal for babies & young children to wake often during the night, parents understanding of how normal infant sleep develops, can contradict this, resulting in unclear or unrealistic expectations. Comments from others may worry parents & lead them to wrongly believe their child has a 'sleep problem'.  Parents may question, 'Am I doing it right?' 'Is there something wrong with my baby?' 

And then there is the parents sleep deprivation, which can have a major effect on parents physical & mental health, impacting on family life & relationships. Parents may search for bright ideas for getting a 'good night's sleep', or  be tempted to try out the suggestions of family, friends, or well-wishers. But how do we know these ideas or suggestions are safe, that they won't affect our infant's health, or have long-term consequences?

My sleep support consultations help to balance the natural & normal needs of your child, the importance of being a response parent & reducing sleep deprivation for you without unnecessary & potentially harmful 'sleep training' methods.

Your can find more information on the latest research evidence about biologically normal sleep for babies



Sleep consultations are only suitable for older babies & young children. I practise Gentle Parenting Methods & follow the latest evidence based information for what is biologically normal & age appropriate for your child.

I do not endorse any methods that involve leaving your child to cry. My support puts the needs of your child first & involves a gradual process working with the family as a whole to get more sleep.

If you are looking for a fast solution or Sleep Training, this is not for you.

I offer an Initial FREE Consultation by Phone to discuss your issue & how I can support you.


      Sleep Assessment & Sleep Diary analysis Consultation via      

      video call


      Bespoke Sleep Plan with Ongoing support for up to 4 weeks