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I want you to know

I totally get it...

I've been there, you are about to do one of the

most intense things of your entire life & you're feeling a little anxious, It is completely natural

& you are not alone. 

Not being able to predict what will happen during your Labour, can make you feel that what happens in Labour & Birth is completely out of your control.

Traumatic Birth stories from well-meaning family & friends can make it seem that giving Birth will be a difficult & fearful experience.

Your partner may want to be involved but are unsure of how best to support you or to help you deal with anything unexpected.

Continuous emotional & practical support throughout from the same person may be lacking.

You may have unanswered questions, want to explore all your options & need the correct information to make a Birth plan, get reassurance or guidance on what questions to ask your Health Professionals.

I provide options

& solutions...

Creating the Birth experience you want starts with knowing your options & having the

support you need

I can ease your fears, answer all your questions with unbiased & personalised information.inform you of all your options, helping you to navigate

the maternity system.

I can give you a thorough understanding of how Birth really works, help you to realise you do not have to surrender control by providing you with physical, practical & mindful techniques to deal with contractions & every stage of Labour.

I can prepare you for every eventuality & give your partner a clearly defined role, so you are both completely in tune, they know what to do,

 recognise when to do it & how to carry it out.

I am here for you continuously from pregnancy, 

working alongside your Health Professionals.

I will support you & your partner throughout the 

Birth, care for you Postnatally & provide guidance with your newborn.

Whether you choose my Birth Service or my Complete Antenatal & Hypnobirthing Programme, I will ensure you will feel, calm, relaxed, fully prepared & looking forward to the Birth of your baby.




               on your pregnancy!


Are you excited to meet your new baby & looking forward to being a mother but feeling nervous about the birth?

Do you need answers to all your Pregnancy & Birth questions?

Do you want to feel fully prepared, informed, calm, relaxed & ready?

Do you want a positive experience & to Birth without fear?

Pregnant woman holding ultrasound image.
Young pregnant woman with her husband at

Benefits of hiring a Doula

Reduce the need for pain relief by


Reduce epidural requests by


Decrease Caesarean rate by 



Increase in Breastfeeding success



For faster, more comfortable, more positive births.

With less caesareans, forceps & induction.

Whats not to like?

Shorten the length of labour by 



We remember the Birth of our babies all our lives, let's make

your memory of your Birth experience a positive one


“ Dear  Jade

it has been such a pleasure getting to know you, having you on my team

& guiding me through my pregnancy & birth.


Fraser is very happy to be here & I am delighted at how smooth,

calm & peaceful his birth was, with all thanks to you.


You were a real expert, mentor & friend throughout the process &

it wouldn’t have been the same without you.

Thanks for all the encouragement & kindness.

You are an inspiration! "



       — Fiona Sherwood —


Before the birth:

Unlimited 24/7
Email & Phone Support
From booking & up to 8 weeks after your baby is born
2 x 2 Hour Private
Antenatal Sessions
Complete Birth Preparation in the
comfort of your own home
Complete Hypnobirthing Programme
From The Hypnobirthing Company
Birth & Information Pack
Step by step guides, Checklists &
Information that supports your 
Birth & Feeding Preference Plans
A Pack of Positive Birth Plan Cards
 A Copy of the Positive Birth Book
A Personalised Birth Preference Plan
 50% Discount Voucher for a

Maternity Photo Shoot

10 Antenatal Yoga Classes
I am on call 10 days before
your Due Date
Until your baby is born       

During the birth:

Birth Pool & Tens Machine Loan

Free to my Birth Clients

Early Labour Support & Guidance

By Phone or in-person

Continuous Support & Guidance

from Active Labour 

Until after your baby is born

Help to create a nurturing 

Birth environment

In Hosptial or at Home

Practical Support & guidance

for your Partner

Support communicating your wishes 

to Hospital Staff

​Encouragement with Hypnobirthing

Relaxations, Visualisations & 

Breathing Techniques

Ensure you feel safe, listened to

& cared for throughout


After the birth:

1 Postnatal Visit

Within the first week after the Birth

Providing any practical or emotional support you might need
We can have a chat about your Labour & Birth & how you felt it went for you
Answer questions on your recovery Give guidance & assistance with Newborn Care, Seep & Behaviour
 Take care of your baby while you nap, take a shower or bath
Breastfeeding Support & Information
Including a consultation with an IBCLC Lactation Consultant
if necessary
Signpost you for additional support from NHS & Private Health Professionals
Give recommendations for :
Local Breastfeeding Support Groups, Baby sling consultants, Baby groups
& Classes
pregnancy, rest, people and expectation
Mother and Father holding their new born

"Jade is my Google for all things baby!" - Ella Scott

Everything you need for a positive birth experience starts here ...



Mother with a baby
Family in the Kitchen

Have you recently

had a baby ...

Could you do with an extra hand to help around the house, do some washing, give you some time to have a bath/shower or catch up

on some sleep?

As a mother of 5, an experienced NNEB Nanny & Maternity Nurse, I understand how having a baby is both is a joyful, challenging & a life-changing experience.

For the first few days & weeks after your baby is born, I am available for Postnatal Support Maternity Nurse Services in London or Cheshire.

I pass on essential skills as you adjust to having a new family member by nurturing the mother, caring supporting & empowering the whole family. giving you the space to enjoy your new baby.

provide One to One Infant Feeding Support, for feeding issues, information & reassurance.

For older babies & children I can help you with solutions to get more sleep with my Sleep Support Services. 

Alongside Parent Consultancy Sessions for issues such as potty training, nutrition & behaviour.

If you want to get your home baby ready, I offer a Home Organisation Service to ensure your Postnatal Period is calm, relaxed & stress-free so you concentrate on your recovery & getting to know your beautiful baby.


Get the start to motherhood you deserve!


Charming pregnant woman relaxing with he
Open sign on wooden table among flowers

Covid 19

Doula Support

Due to the one Birth partner policy currently in place for Maternity Units, I have been offering all Antenatal, Birth, Postnatal support & information required for a positive birth experience remotely via Phonecall, Messaging & Video Call.  Including all Antenatal Education, Hypnobirthing & Antenatal Yoga Classes.

I have also reduced my usual fee of up to 30% depending on your requirements.

For Hospital Births: I can support you at home until you leave for the Hospital & then support you remotely via video call, Whats app & telephone until you are discharged. Remote support has worked really well. Clients have been really happy with this way of being supported.

For Home Births:  I am considering attendance for these on a case by case basis.

Although not ideal, I can reassure you that you will still gain all the usual benefits & more from having a Doula even remotely.

I am reviewing the situation on a weekly basis according to Government & NHS Guidelines

I am open for bookings for my full Doula services

for babies due from September 







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