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Hello   baby!  

Getting ready to Breastfeed

The ideal preparation to Breastfeeding is to be well informed & for Breastfeeding to be successful you need a positive support network around you & access to qualified Breastfeeding Support Professionals should you need it.

I run this fun & informal Workshop with an IBCLC, you will get all the latest evidence based Breastfeeding information

& Complete education to get you & your baby off to the best start

1 Day Breastfeeding Education Private

Not only do you get the most comprehensive Breastfeeding Education, Information & Support but its a great way to meet other local parents whose Babies are due the same time as yours

The same comprehensive Breastfeeding Education, Information & Support as the Group Workshop but adapted to fit your needs in the comfort of your own home.

1 Day Breastfeeding Education Group Workshop   
Thoughts & Feelings
about Breastfeeding
Busting Common Myths & Breastfeeding Facts

Hello Baby!
Establishing Your

Trouble Shooting

Expressing, Storing & Feeding  Breastmik
The 4th Trimester
Your Feeding
Support Plan
Premature Babies
& Multiples
Out & About
Your Feeding
Support Plan
Exclusive Content
Complete Information 
Private Breastfeeding
Support Visit
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